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5.0 stars | 12 reviews
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Outdoor Track & Landscape Lighting 
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Patio & Landscape Lighting

Make your outdoor spaces come alive with patio and landscape lighting from Right Coast Lighting. Our experts will artfully illuminate your patio, garden, and landscape features, showcasing their beauty even on the darkest nights. And when the holiday season arrives, trust us to transform your home with enchanting Christmas and holiday lighting, adding a touch of festive magic to your property. From soft, subtle lighting to dramatic effects, we’ll create a captivating environment that extends your living space and adds value to your property. 

Custom Architectural Lighting

Experience the ultimate lighting control and customization with Gemstone Lights’ permanent lighting! Using cutting-edge technology, we install customizable LED lights that can be easily controlled from your smart device. Adjust the color, brightness, and ambiance to effortlessly match your mood or occasion. Let Right Coast Lighting bring your lighting vision to life with our architectural lighting designs and installations. 

Benefits of Gemstone Lighting

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